Why More Homeowners Are Choosing To Protect Their House And Family With Security Screens

The windows and doors of a home allow natural light and air to flow inside, but they may also make it easy for would-be intruders to gain access to a property and either inflict injury or steal a family’s possessions. Rather than choosing between form and function, more homeowners are choosing to install advanced security screens to help keep their home and their family safe from intruders. Here is a brief overview of the various benefits of using quality windows screens, and how it will prevent tragedy and provide peace of mind.

Indestructible Fabric Technology

When an intruder attempts to gain entry to a home illegally, they will utilize a variety of tools in their efforts. Screens made of puncture proof fabric are designed to withstand exposure to a box cutter, baseball bat, and even a crowbar. No matter what methods an intruder uses to break into a home, a screen designed with security in mind will stop them in their tracks and keep a family and their belongings safe.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Traditional screens doors are constructed with one locking mechanism that is located within the handle of the door. Those that provide additional security are composed of a three locking system, which makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to pry or force a door open. Secure locking mechanisms combined with 5″, heat treated mounting screws ensures that no one will gain entry to a home without a key.

Easy Exit Technology

Many homeowners are leery of this type of technology, out of a fear that it will make it hard to escape a house in the event of an emergency. The addition of an emergency release button allows the screen to quickly be opened from the inside, and provide an exit path in under 1 second. While screen doors should be secure from the outside, they should not compromise the safety of those who are inside.

The best way to keep a home and family safe is to install advanced window and door security devices. The team at Campbell Security Solutions offer a wide range of products that will protect a family’s most significant investment. Check out their site to learn more or call today and take the first step in keeping a family safe from a variety of safety threats.