Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

Moving can be a very tedious experience. Many are the times that it is accompanied by stress, time consumption, and tremendous expenses. The risks involved are also substantial. The risks can be the risks of loss or damage to property. It is difficult for a family, leave alone an individual to carry out the task of moving on their own. That is why moving companies exist. Moving companies are supposed to ease the load of moving, make the process less stressful, easier and smooth running. By choosing to hire a moving company, you place on them the responsibility to handle all your belongings and take care of them during the packing process and the transfer to another location. Given this much responsibility is handed over to the service provider, it is of great importance to make the right choice in a moving company.

Choosing a residential moving services lorton va company is important. The wrong choice can be associated with loss, waste of time and unnecessary additional stress and hustle. Before contracting movers it is important to look into a number of issues.

Referrals and Research

The go-to referral site that most people prefer is the internet. Some of the referrals you get from browsing may be simply staged. It is important therefore to get actual physical referrals from friends, family, workmates or other people you know and trust. With this information, then you can go back to the internet and do an extensive research on the companies that you have been referred to. In the case that you know of a real estate agent or re working with one, it is even better to ask for their help. Real estate agents work with movers all the time and they would have the best referrals. You can get a bid from more than one company then choose with this reference. While doing your research, make sure you look into the company’s licensing and insurance, check for the company records with the Better Business Bureau and verify the address.


reliable moving company will never abandon to take an inventory of your belongings. This should help in determining the weight and bulk. When taking the inventory, ensure that you take them through all your storage places as well as every other part of your house. Ensure everything is listed so that you can hold them accountable in case of any losses.

Pay Upon Delivery

Most reputable companies will only ask for a fairly small deposit and receive their payment when the job is complete. This should be able to protect you from fraudsters. It is also important to inquire about extra charges prior to moving. Extra charges can be required when conditions warrant them like when you live in a two-story building.

Sign a Contract

When you agree to the terms, payment, and such issues as the inventory, it’s important to get everything in writing. This will come handy when any issues arise and in case you need to report the issue. Remember movers are supposed to ease the load, so do not allow them to cause you more stress.