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Why a Dynamic Character is Important

With surprises it’s always a new phenomenon. It keeps you on your toes . You can hardly wait to have your mind blown away by the events that are coming. Though there is a huge possibility that what you are thinking is not going to happen even if it does there is just another twist to it. You have dynamic characters to thank for this variations of emotions. Their charm lies in their ability to be unpredictable. You can never quench your thirst for them. Putting it simply, they are moulded and crafted by life itself They are the perfect illustration of what going along the grain means. Buckling up and enjoying the ride might be just what you need to do.

The great thing is that these characters don’t have to start of being so great. They might even be the villains at the beginning. However much you may like to hate them you are invited into their world just before they became as such and can easily understand where they are coming from. It is possible that they were hurt before and would like to give back what the world served them generously. This makes them evil since in their quest for vengeance good people end up getting hurt . It’s even possible that they begin as selfless individuals who are working for the greater good till life offers them a major blow.

They may be committed to the path of destruction till a chance meeting with another character who treats them well comes into the picture. They start questioning what they believe in and wonder if they is indeed any good left in the world. Regardless of the fact that the change may not be noticeable at first there are a few signs that show they have reformed. They are the very basis by which the story gets built on. Eventually you might see a change in them if for instance they experience some sort of loss . They use controversy as their asset and spin tales influenced by what goes on around them.
You could always guess wrong with them. The end is usually up to debate because just when you think they turned good you might actually have been wrong, or so it seems. They maybe seemingly moving back to their old ways except this time it may be more of a strategy . It dawns on you that you really haven’t figured them out quite yet. They may have you glued to them since they are all surprise an interest.

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