Start Energy Saving Practices with Solar Panels

Solar power is made from the sun’s energy. It converts the suns energy into electricity. Solar panels have mirrors or lenses and a tracking system. The sunlight hits the panels and is turned into a small beam. Electric current is made by photovoltaic cells that exchange light into current. In 2014, the International Energy Agency predicted that by 2050, 27 per cent of the world’s electricity would be generated by some sort of solar power.

Many homeowners and businesses are looking for a cheaper way to handle their energy bills. Solar energy systems can not only save money but also help the environment. solar panel installation largo fl will cost the owner an initial investment, but in a very short time the panels will pay for themselves in savings. Solar panels can also add value to your business or home.

Solar panels are best placed on the roof of a home or business. The panels need a good sturdy place that is unshaded and where they can be directed up towards the sun. Many different ways to mount the panels had to be developed because of the different type of roofs. Whether you have a composite shingle roof, slate tiles, asphalt or cedar shake roof, there are proper mounting materials available to do the job right.

The design of solar panels is to be durably and easily mounted on racks first before being attached to the roof mounts. The mounts for the solar panels are drilled into the rafters of the roof. This has to be done for protection from any up forces occurring. The panels are light in weight and there is no way they can fall through the roof. There is some danger of the panels catching wind and ripping off the roof, but as long as they are bolted to rafters, which is the infrastructure of the house, you shouldn’t worry.

To prevent water from seeping into the home, the bolt fixture has flashing all around it. It is usually made of metal or a plastic piece that will slide under the other tiles on the roof. Each roof type has different challenges. With a stone or clay roof some of the tiles need to be removed. Then the mounts with the flashing is installed. Some grooves have to be made in the tiles. This will prevent the mounting hardware to have the needed space.

With wood roofs the flashing needs to be extended under the existing tiles, so no leaks can occur. Asphalt roofs are one of the easiest roofs to work with for solar panels. The only thing needed is to find the rafters for the attachments. The easiest roof of all is the standing-seam metal roof. Because it has seams, the mounts can be placed right in the seams. As an enormous energy resource, solar energy meets our daily needs for heating, electrical power, cooking, cooling, water heating and industrial uses. Solar energy goals are to reduce cost while increasing efficiency of conversion to all forms, storage of excess energy and looking for more ideas to change solar energy to suitable forms.