Is Your Home Infested with Termites?

Property owners fear the day that they may find out that their property has a termite infestation. While everyone hopes it doesn’t happen, it’s sometimes unavoidable and best to catch it as early on as possible. If you notice any of these signs, contact a pest control services eden prairie mn professional as soon as possible to keep the problem from getting worse.


One important thing to know about termites is that there are 2 types of them: subterranean and dry wood. Each type has different signs of an infestation depending on how they nest and swarm. One of the reasons that termites are such a problem is the fact that they live in colonies that they tend to maintain throughout their lives. Termites can cause damage rather quickly if they go unchecked because of their numbers, which is why it is so important to be vigilant about looking for signs. If the colony is small, the rate of damage will be considerably slower.


When termites are creating the tunnels in which they travel, the process can sometimes be heard. This is especially true when it comes to more serious infestations. The tapping of the termites while they are trying to signal the colony is what makes the noise. The tapping signal is passed along to the rest of the colony and tends to get louder as it spreads, and more termites take part in it.


As termites move along your property, they will leave droppings like any other animal. These droppings, or frass, tend to look like pellets. They will most commonly be found by their nests or food source. The bigger the pile, the bigger the colony and infestation. If you find frass, there is a good chance that you already have a problem.


During certain times of the season, termites tend to shed their wings. These wings can be found throughout your property and sometimes in small piles depending on the size of the swarm. If you see wings around your property, it’s time to inspect for termite damage.


When termites are creating tunnels through wood, they leave behind what is known as “earthen packing”. Earthen packing is a combination of wood pulp, saliva, feces, and other materials. Usually, it is found around the foundation or joints of the home. Over time, this will cause some serious damage to your home or building. Looking for this packing is one of the best ways to check for termites.

Tree Blowholes

When termites infest a tree, it will have a hollow sound to it when knocked on. This is because the insects hollow out the wood. During fights, termites will create a slit in the trunk, so their colony can enter and exit. Once the fight has ended, the colony will try to seal the hole while the tree creates a callous around it to heal its injuries. These “blowholes” are a sure sign that your tree is infested and might be too far gone to save.