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Aeration: Taking Care of Your Lawn

Allowing air to be circulated or incorporated in water, liquid, or any substance is known as aeration. This may appear in various forms like aeration in liquids, aeration in food, and many others. Nevertheless, this content will specifically discuss aeration in soil specifically in taking care of the lawn. Learn more by reading further.

It is known that lawn care needs regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing, but a highly significant procedure may also include aeration. Generally, aeration in soil would indicate to create slots to enable motion of air, water, and nutrients that will completely be absorbed in the roots. When carried out correctly, the roots can grow well making the lawn healthy and looking beautiful.

Why Should the Soil/Lawn Undergo Aeration?

Your lawn must be regularly aerated from various reasons. Nevertheless, the primary explanation for this is to prevent and deal with compaction. You see, compacted soil is very common in areas of where people are around and stepping on and/or when the soil is mostly made up of clay type. A compacted soil prevents nutrients, water, and other significant factors of a healthy grass to go through the roots and when this a solution is not carried out, the grass may wither and die.

The Recommended Time to Do Soil

Soil and garden specialists would usually recommend executing soil aeration during fall. Generally, the grass is actively growing in this season and weed germination is at the minimum.

Soil erosion might be fine to execute later in spring too yet it is highly suggested to make sure the soil compaction is truly existing. Additionally, always ensure that weeds are have established itself without flowers or seeds yet for once they already have, there is the risk that the weeds would multiply exponentially.

Probably you may question why during early spring or the entire spring season. Maybe the best answer is simply because weeds grow excessively at this time and if you will conduct soil aeration in this season, you are going to help these weeds to thrive more. Nevertheless, this may also be a case to case basis. Although aeration of soil or lawn during the spring season is not the most recommended option, when you have a remarkable soil compaction and you see that the grasses are dying after you’ve done everything, then maybe aeration method has to be done.

Lawn Aeration Tools

There can be several tools to do aeration out there (like plug aerator and spike aerator) but I guess I will just leave this for you to discover more. You can research some of it through your preferred search engine and visit the website to explore its contents. Yet, here are the most basic info. that you must put in mind: One, always choose tools that provide quality soil aeration; two, have the most durable pieces and; three, opt for the easy to use aeration tools.